Introduction to Heritage New Zealand

Heritage New Zealand is the leading national historic heritage agency. We operate in an environment marked by a growing interest in heritage, recognition of its social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits to our country, and awareness of its importance to national identity. 

Without vision the people will perish

Heritage New Zealand is an autonomous Crown Entity under the Crown Entities Act 2004. It is supported by the Government and funded via Vote Arts, Culture and Heritage through the Ministry for Culture and Heritage.  Its work, powers and functions are prescribed by the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act 2014.

Most protective mechanisms for land-based historic heritage are administered by local authorities through their District Plan policies and heritage listings under the Resource Management Act 1991, although Heritage New Zealand retains regulatory responsibilities regarding archaeological sites.

It is currently governed by a Board of Trustees, assisted by a Māori Heritage Council.  The national office is in Wellington, with regional and area offices in Kerikeri, Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, and a portfolio of 43 historic properties we care for around the country.

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Heritage New Zealand - a change of name

In 2010, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage led a review of the Historic Places Act 1993 (HPA) and as a result of that work the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act 2014 was enacted on Tuesday 20 May 2014. The Act made some changes to how Heritage New Zealand operates, and to archaeological provisions. It also formally changed our name to Heritage New Zealand and completes our transition to an Autonomous Crown Entity.

Generations of New Zealanders grew up with the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, working with us to preserve our significant heritage. But even though the name was well- known, it didn't really reflect who we are today. 

People support us for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that they identify strongly with our role and work.   While our status has changed some aspects of the way the organisation functions, there is much that will remain the same. 

Heritage New Zealand continues to work in partnership with others, including iwi and hapū Māori, local and central government agencies, heritage NGOs, property owners, and our volunteers.  And we will continue to provide advice to both central and local government, and property owners on the conservation of New Zealand’s most significant heritage sites.  We will continue to maintain the New Zealand Heritage List (formerly the national Register of historic places), manage 43 nationally significant heritage properties, regulate the modification of archaeological sites, and manage the national heritage preservation incentive fund.

While we receive 80% of our funding from the Crown, like many other Crown agencies we will continue to be dependent for the remainder of our funding from our supporters, donations, grants, bequests, and through revenue generated at the heritage properties we care for around the country.

Three key things remain the same under the new name of Heritage New Zealand:

  • the commitment to the long-term conservation of New Zealand’s most significant heritage places, including its own role as custodian of historic properties
  • the connection through members (note: your membership benefits are unchanged) and supporters to the wider community, and
  • the continued status we have as a donee organisation, dependent on the goodwill and ongoing financial and volunteer support of the wider community for many of the outcomes we achieve for heritage.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Ko te tūmanako, me haere tahi tātou. Let us do this together.

Vision Tirohanga

Our heritage is valued, respected and preserved for present and future generations

Ko ā tātau taonga tuku iho, e kaingākautia ana, e whakanuitia ana, e tiakina ana mō ā tātau whakatipuranga,o nāianei, o ā muri iho nei.

Mission Whakatautanga

To identify, protect and promote heritage

Kia mohiotia atu, kia tiakina, kia hāpaingia ā tātau taonga tuku iho.

Values Ngā Uaratanga a te Taonga Tuku iho

The heritage places of New Zealand:
  • Are rich, varied and unique 
  • Are central to our national identity and well-being, now and in the future 
  •  Embody the stories of all generations, cultures, traditions and communities 
  • Include the heritage places of Māori which are integral to their whakapapa and identity 
  • Make a creative contribution to the diversity of our national life 
  • Deserve the best recognition and care for the benefit of future generations 
  • Are resources for increasing economic growth including tourism.

Ko ngā wāhi taonga tuku iho o Aotearoa: 

  • E whai hua ana, e momo whānui ana, e ahurei noa ana 
  • E toro tia mai ana ko wai tātau, he oranga hoki i nāianei, ā muri iho nei hoki 
  • E eke ana ki ngā kōrero whakatipuranga, ki ngā tikanga me ngā kawa a ngā hau kāinga 
  • E pūmau ana ki ngā wāhi taonga tuku iho a te Māori, ki ōna whakapapa, ki ona mana motuhake 
  • E toi mārama ana, te rerekētanga a ā tātau noho oranga 
  • E whai hua atu ana ki ā tātau rawa pērā ki te tāpoitanga 
  • E tika ana me tiaki pūmau, he oranga hoki mō ngā whakatpuranga a muri iho.