Official Information Act requests and responses

The Official Information Act 1982  (OIA) helps New Zealand citizens, permanent residents and anyone in New Zealand to access information held by governments and government agencies. This promotes openness and transparency, and enables public participation in government.  Here you will find a summary of recent requests for information sought from Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga under this legislation.

If you wish to have a copy of the material released in any particular information release,  please contact Heritage New Zealand's Senior Legal Advisor, via email on

Please understand that if the size of the release is such that Heritage New Zealand is allowed to charge for the photocopying under the Ombudsman’s guidelines for doing so, then a charge for the release will be made.

OIA requests 2018

Requestor Details Date released
Mahina-arangi Baker
Copy of authority application and all correspondence re 2018/378.
12 January
Mount View Trust/Alister Taylor
Information on 6111 Russell-Whakapara Road.
30 January
Rev. Doug Lendrum All information regarding the listing nomination for St David's. 14 March 
Teuila Fuatai, newsroom
All material on Fletchers archaeological applications for work at Oruarangi Rd, Mangere.
19 March
Maraea Tanerau-King
All material on St Francis Church and Hohepa Wharenui, Mangamaunu Marae, SH1 Kaikoura.
28 March
MJ Wenley
Archaeological reports and authorities issued for Ahuriri, Napier in last five years.
23 April
Ian Lawlor All files re authority 2016/201 re archaeological sites on the OSHR boundary and the old Mendessohn property. 
27 April
Trevor Lord QS, engineering and geotech information from Environment Court appeal re McLeans Mansion.
30 April
Tim Hogan Appendices for evidence presented in Environment Court appeal for G Wilkinson and P Bain. 24 May
Sunday Star Times Sexual harassment information. 8 July