Canterbury Region

Each district within the Canterbury region has dramatically contrasting scenery, with the jagged peaks of the magnificent Southern Alps rising sharply from the vast flat expanse of the Canterbury plains.  Canterbury is dotted throughout with grand homesteads, fine churches and the evidence of early industry, and traces of Māori presence can also be seen.  

  • Cotons' Cottage


    This wonderful historic place suffered extensive damage during the earthquake on 4 September 2010.   Cotons' Cottage was rebuilt and reopened to the public on 15 March 2014.   The Hororata Historical Society opens the Cottage and the nearby Museum on-site on fine Sunday afternoons.

  • Lyttelton Timeball

    Timeball Station before the earthquake

    Visual signals were important features of any port, necessary for communication between ship and shore, in pre-radio times. The Timeball Station sustained devasting damage during the Canterbury earthquakes but the site remains significant to New Zealand's history, and that of international maritime history.