Cotons' Cottage

This wonderful historic place suffered extensive damage during the earthquake on 4 September 2010.   Cotons' Cottage was rebuilt and reopened to the public on 15 March 2014.   The Hororata Historical Society opens the Cottage and the nearby Museum on-site on fine Sunday afternoons.

Coton's Cottage

In 1864 Bentley Coton and his wife bought 50 acres of land at Hororata on the Canterbury Plains. Coton built a small cob cottage that originally consisted of five rooms including an attic bedroom.

The property was subsequently purchased by the Oliver family in 1927 and it remained in the family until the 1970s. The cottage was uninhabited throughout this time, and gradually fell into disrepair.

In 1971, the owners offered the cottage and a quarter acre of surrounding land to the government as a reserve.  Cotons' Cottage became a historic reserve three years later, and the day-to-day management of the reserve was transferred to the Hororata Historical Society. 

The Society largely rebuilt the cottage in 1977, re-using many of the original materials. Subsequently, the Society moved a second building onto the property as the local museum.

The Cottage, furnished from the Hororata Historical Society's collection, is an example of a typical 19th century dwelling on a small Canterbury holding.


  • Cotons Road, off Bealey Road
  • Hororata
  • 7572

Contact Information

Opening Hours

  • Fine Sundays, September - May (on-site Museum)
  • 1.30 - 4.00pm