Landmarks Whenua Tohunga

The stories of Aoteraroa New Zealand weave together places and events, creating a rich tapestry. Northland is home to many of these stories. Rising up from our past, they tell us about ourselves, and help visitors to our country understand who we are.  All of us can discover, experience and enjoy the fascinating stories of Northland’s Landmarks Whenua Tohunga.

Landmarks Whenua Tohunga

Home to some of the earliest interactions between Māori and Pākeha, Northland Landmarks – like the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, Kororipo Heritage Park and Rangihoua Heritage Park – reflect the tensions and triumphs of two different cultures coming together, resulting in the birth of modern New Zealand.

Compelling, engaging, moving – and located in some of the most beautiful landscapes in New Zealand – Landmarks / Whenua Tohunga take visitors on a journey through the stories and awe-inspiring places that continue to inspire us today. When we experience these places, we gain a deeper understanding of who we were, who we are, and who we will be in the future. 

Explore as many of Northland’s Landmarks / Whenua Tohunga as you can to find the connections between the stories, land and people of Aotearoa New Zealand. Download this handy reference (pdf, 804kb) to use as a guide for your journey.

The places

  • Clendon House - Home of an enterprising family 
  • Kororipo Heritage Park - The meeting place of cultures
  • Waitangi Treaty Grounds - Our nation's birthplace
  • Māngungu Mission - The Treaty gains momentum 
  • Te Waimate Mission - New Zealand’s first farm 
  • Pompallier Mission – Spreading the good word 
  • Rakaumangamanga Cape Brett - Guiding light 
  • Rangihoua Heritage Park - New Zealand’s first Christmas story 
  • Ruapekapeka Pā – The final battle.

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