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Education programme at Old St Paul's

Yesterday my class went to Old St Paul's. We did lots of fun stuff like a puzzle of Wellington, a quest and lots of games. In the quest there was a trick bookshelf where four books were one box and a clue was in it.

On Thursday Room 4 went to Old St Paul's. It was AWESOME! We were split into three groups. We did a treasure hunt we found clues which was cool. Then my group did this interesting puzzle. It was cool how there were 3D shapes.

Lastly, we matched photos to real life. When we found the ropes connected to the bells we got to pull on them. In conclusion, Old St Paul's is an awesome place to live.


Old St Paul's was kind of cool because we got to do heaps of activities. I liked the puzzle where we made Wellington harbour.

I enjoyed the treasure hunt. It was fun to hunt for clues and in the end we found a treasure. I liked doing the puzzle, doing the olden day city was fun. I liked the way the church looked, the books on the shelf. I liked the font - it's a great stone basin that looked like Harry Potter's pen sieve. I liked that the things that we had to read were on scrolls. I like old-fashioned things. It was good to learn things that weren't in school. The eagle-lectern was shiny and great. I liked that Alma showed me the figure of St James on the pulpit and the clam on his shoulder. My name is James so he has the same name.

I liked it whenever we found the scrolls because it made a noise. We said " Pop goes the weasel."

I enjoyed the code cracker because it was fun to find the tiles and make the word.

When we went to Old St Paul's we did a quest to find clues and to learn about the area. Then we did a big puzzle of how the area changed through time. I learned that in 1855 there was a big earthquake and that Old St Paul's was made in 1866.

When we went to Old St Paul's I liked seeing a window of my Kebbell relations. I liked doing a treasure hunt around Old St Paul's. It was a great day.


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