Blackball Coal Mine Chimneys


  • Blackball Coal Mine Chimneys. Image courtesy of
    Copyright: Hugh McCall. Taken By: Hugh McCall – Braxholm.

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One of the chimneys collapsed in 2014.

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Grey District


West Coast Region

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Pt Res 1070 Lease 3740 & Tramway Leases Blks I & II Mawheranui SD


This historic place was registered under the Historic Places Act 1980. The following text is the original citation considered by the NZHPT Board at the time of registration.

Gold had been found in Blackball Creek as early as 1865, but it was not until November 1890 that coal was discovered by the Blackball Coal Company which had been established to supply an English shipping line with fuel for its ships. Quartz mining began in the area at about the same time, but it was the mining of coal that fostered the growth of Blackball township. The mine was nationalised in 1940 but on 24 September 1964 it closed.

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Historical Significance or Value

The Blackball Mine chimneys are a visible reminder of the major coal mine which supported the settlement of Blackball and of the importance of coal mining to the West Coast as a whole.


Constructed of bricks manufactured at the Brunner Industrial site, the Blackball mine chimneys are virtually all that visibly remains of a mine which flourished for over seventy years. In both design and function they were probably modelled on similar structures built on the British coalfields from whence many of the Blackball coal miners had come. These are large industrial chimneys and are impressive examples of construction in brick.


The boiler house chimneys are prominent landscape features above the site of the former Blackball mine. The ventilation chimneys are now largely concealed by secondary growth beech forest.

Construction Professionalsopen/close

Moore, Martin

Martin Moore (b.1858) was born in Australia and came to New Zealand with his parents at the age of ten. After being educated at Brunnerton, Moore worked at the Dispatch Foundry in Greymouth and then at the quartz mines in Reefton. In the early 1880s he worked at a number of Grey County coal mines before joining the Blackball Coal Company as mine engineer when it commenced operations in 1890.

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Physical Description

This historic place was registered under the Historic Places Act 1980. The following text is the original citation considered by the NZHPT Board at the time of registration. Information in square brackets indicate modifications made after the paper was considered by the Board.


There are four chimneys on the site of the former Blackball Coal Mine. Two stand on the hillside above the mine entrance where they served the boiler house which generated steam for the winches and winding gear used in the mine. The two other chimneys stand on the opposite side of the hill from the mine entrance, overlooking Blackball Creek, where they were part of the mine ventilation system. [One of the chimneys collapsed in 2014].

Boiler house Chimneys:

The smaller of these is rectangular with an arched base and corbelled lip. It stands in front of a tapered circular chimney which also has a corbelled lip and is approximately four times higher than its rectangular counterpart. It would appear that the smaller structure was built first and was left standing after it had been supplanted by the taller chimney (c.1903). These two chimneys were formerly linked by a brick flue to the boiler house which was located at the base of the ridge on which the chimneys stand. By this means the effective height of the chimneys was significantly increased without unduly increasing the height of the freestanding chimney structure.

Mine Ventilation Chimneys:

The chimneys stand approximately one hundred metres apart and they worked by drawing foul air out of the mine drives after fires had been lit beneath them. The smaller of the two (1897-9) is circular in shape and is made up of an estimated fifty thousand wedge-shaped bricks. This chimney could displace thirteen thousand cubic feet of air per minute and stands approximately fourteen metres above ground, extending a further eleven metres below ground. The chimney has an opening in one side of it at ground level and, like the other chimneys, has a corbelled lip.

The second ventilation chimney (1895-6) stands downstream of the first and is about twenty metres high, with a further six metres below ground. Designed to displace thirty thousand cubic feet of air per minute, this chimney has an arched firebox, carved from sandstone and lined with bricks, which extends for approximately five metres from the base of the chimney to the mine drive beyond. A narrow passage running adjacent to the firebox provides access to it via a low doorway beside the chimney.


c.1984 - Flue structure to boiler house removed.

1896 - Square chimney heightened.

1899 - Section of round chimney above ground, originally built of wood, rebuilt in brick.

Construction Dates

Original Construction
1895 - 1899
Mine ventilation Chimneys

Original Construction
1903 -
Boiler House Chimney

1896 -
Square chimney heightened

1899 -
Section of round chimney above ground, originally built of wood, rebuilt in brick.

1984 -
Flue structure to boilerhouse removed

2014 - 2014
One of the chimneys collapsed in 2014

Construction Details

Brunner bricks.

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Other Information

This historic place was registered under the Historic Places Act 1980. This report includes the text from the original Building Classification Committee report considered by the NZHPT Board at the time of registration.

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