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List Entry Status Listed List Entry Type Historic Place Category 2 Public Access Private/No Public Access
List Number 6045 Date Entered 27th July 1984


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Extent includes the archaeological site known as Te Ika-a-maru Pa (Q27/27) and part of the land described as Sec 18 Terawhiti District (CT WN 303556), Wellington Land District (refer to the Archaeological Site Land Title Form for further information).

City/District Council

Wellington City


Wellington Region

Legal description

Sec 18 Terawhiti District (CT WN 303556), Wellington Land District


Setting: Terraced pa site on lower slopes of north-facing spur, above beach at east side of Te Ika-a Maru Bay, between ‘Homestead Gully’ and ‘Sheep Gully’; west Wellington.

Archaeological Features: A prominent terraced pa site, established on a spur end, with ditch and bank defence and midden.

Supporting Evidence: Site was mapped by Wellington Archaeological Society in 1962-1963 (Davidson 1976). It is thought that the name of this pa is Te Ika-a-maru, (from last century use of name in records made in 1844 and 1879 by William Spain and Charles Heaphy - cited by Davidson 1976, p. 24, and by the position marked by Best et al, 1916) and the use of the name later became extended to apply to the whole bay (Adkin 1959, pp. 23-24). A settlement in Te Ika-a-maru Bay seen in 1844 and 1879, was occupied by members of Te Ati Awa tribe, and it is assumed that possibly the pa was developed during their occupation (Davidson 1976, p. 24). It could also be of earlier construction (Ngati Ira?), either reoccupied by the Ati Awa people, or not used by them at all. Ati Awa settlement is said to have preferred ‘stockaded flat land pa’ (Daniels 1965, p.98).

Condition of Site: Some natural and stock induced erosion present.

Assessment: A good example of a well-terraced spur end pa site. It is one of the few clearly visible terraced pa sites remaining in the Wellington area.


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Historical and associated iwi/hapu/whanau

Te Atiawa (Wellington)

Construction Dates

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Completion Date

28th January 1983

Report Written By

I W Keyes

Information Sources

Adkin, 1959

GL Adkin, 'The Great Harbour of Tara', Wellington, 1959

New Zealand Archaeological Association (NZAA)

New Zealand Archaeological Association

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Best, 1916

E. Best, H. McLeod, H. Mason, 'Map of Wellington County District Showing Native Names', 1916, NZ Department of Lands and Survey

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