Whitireia Road, Titahi Bay

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List Entry Status Listed List Entry Type Historic Place Category 2 Public Access Private/No Public Access
List Number 6124 Date Entered 14th September 1984


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Extent includes part of the land described as Sec 383 Porirua District (CT WN447/193; NZ Gazette 1980, p. 2344), Wellington Land District, Pt Lot 1 DP 10900 (CT WN 26B/990), Wellington Land District and the archaeological site known as Terraces (R26/115) thereon (refer to the map attached to the Archaeological Site Land Title Form for more information).

City/District Council

Porirua City


Wellington Region

Legal description

Sec 383 Porirua District (CT WN447/193; NZ Gazette 1980, p. 2344), Pt Lot 1 DP 10900 (CT WN26B/990), Wellington Land District


Setting: A regular flight of narrow artificial terraces descending a steep gully immediately north of radio masts on Whitireia Peninsula, Titahi Bay. Road from radio masts to beach descends along the eastern side of the terraces.

Archaeological Features: About 14, regular, distinct, slightly crescentric terraces in small steep gully facing north immediately below radio masts. Largest about 90 metres in length; circa 1 .5 metres wide; scarps circa one metre high. Some have gravel on surfaces.

Supporting Evidence: These terraces were regarded by Ongley (1931) as natural features. Daniels (1961, p.27) described the series, but a very detailed study by Macnab (1970) interpreted them as specialised agriculture terraces, with in some instances, imported gravel for soil modification.

Condition of Site: Good. Steep slope and presence of access road to beach alongside has generally kept people off the terraces. Some natural slumping and soil creep present.

Assessment : From Macnab's (1970) study, documentation and interpretation of this site, it is a unique agriculture terrace construction in the Wellington area. Similar small terrace sets occur elsewhere on this Peninsula (Daniels 1961) but this is the largest, most imposing and the best example known, and thus of considerable importance.


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Construction Dates

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Completion Date

28th January 1983

Report Written By

I W Keyes

Information Sources

New Zealand Archaeological Association (NZAA)

New Zealand Archaeological Association

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Journal of the Polynesian Society

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