Kohika Pa

Sutherland Road, Matata

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List Entry Status Listed List Entry Type Historic Place Category 2 Public Access Private/No Public Access
List Number 6406 Date Entered 15th December 1983


Extent of List Entry

Registration includes the archaeological site known as Kohika Pa (V15/80) on part of the land comprised in Lot 1 DPS 32953 (CTSA29C/812), South Auckland Land District (refer to Archaeological Site Land Title Form for further information).

City/District Council

Whakatane District


Bay of Plenty Region

Legal description

Lot 1 DPS 32953 (CT SA29C/812), South Auckland Land District



On natural mound in Rangitaiki swamp, Bay of Plenty.

Archaeological Features

Kohika is a swamp pa. Palisades have been found around edge of mound along with a large assemblage of wooden artefacts and other perishable materials. Excavation on the mound has uncovered a variety of structural features including house floors, pits, patterns of postholes and a burial. The site was probably occupied 300-400 years ago.


Sites where wooden artefacts have survived are rare. No site similar to Kohika is known on Rangitaiki plains or Bay of Plenty. Swamp sites such as Kohika where reservation is good have long been a focus of archaeological interest and Kohika retains potential for further work, particularly on the mound itself.


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Construction Dates

Public NZAA Number


Completion Date

21st April 1982

Report Written By

AJ Walton

Information Sources

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New Zealand Archaeological Association

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University of Auckland

University of Auckland

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Historical Review

Historical Review

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Other Information

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