Te Anaureure

Hangatiki East Road, Te Kuiti

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List Entry Status Listed List Entry Type Historic Place Category 1 Public Access Private/No Public Access
List Number 6722 Date Entered 2nd June 1994


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Extent includes the land described as Pt Pukeroa Hangatiki A55 (CT 442657, NZ Gazette 1972, p.1342), South Auckland Land District and the cave known as Te Anaureure thereon

City/District Council

Waitomo District


Waikato Region

Legal description

Pt Pukeroa Hangatiki A55 (CT 442657, NZ Gazette 1972, p.1342), South Auckland Land District

Location description

Te Anaureure is located on the north side of the road to Te Kumi limestone quarry, off Hangatiki East Road.


Many limestone caves in the Waitomo area were used for burials or depositing other taonga but few were suitable for dwelling purposes. One exception was Te Anaureure which was dry, roomy, level and easy access. A stream flowed past the entrance.

This cave was the home of the great chief Maniapoto in his latter years. A natural limestone platform supported by limestone columns was Maniapoto's sleeping place. Te Anauruere is the most significant historic place of the iwi that remains intact that is associated with the life of their eponymous ancestor Maniapoto. Thus the cave is of great significance to all hapu and iwi of the Ngati Maniapoto whanui tonu.

[This information is from the paper presented to the Maori Heritage Committee at the time of registration]


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Historical and associated iwi/hapu/whanau

Ngati Maniapoto

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