Hopukiore, Moturiki, Motuotau and Te Toka o Marutuahu

Marine Parade, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga

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List Entry Status Listed List Entry Type Wahi Tapu Area Public Access Able to Visit
List Number 9503 Date Entered 29th April 2010


Extent of List Entry

Extent of registration includes part land and foreshore described as sec 1 (NZGZ 1941, p.2620) sec 142 (NZGZ 1984, p.8) and Pt sec 15 Blk VII Tauranga SD (NZGZ 1941, p.2620), known as Hopukiore, sec 12 Blk VII Tauranga SD (NZGZ 1981, p.2190) known as Moturiki and Motuotau 1-2 (NZGZ 1979, p.1975), South Auckland Land District. Included in the extent is an offshore rock named Te Toka o Marutuahu. This rock is only visible at low tide and is within the vicinity of the islands Moturiki and Motuotau.. Hopukiore is a distinct hill located on the mainland and Moturiki is a tombolo , linked to the mainland by a sandbar and accessible by foot. Motuotau and Te Toka o Marutuahu are only accessible by vessel.

City/District Council

Tauranga City


Bay of Plenty Region

Legal description

SSec 1 (NZ Gazette 1941, p. 2620), sec 142 (NZ Gazette 1984, p.8) and Pt sec 15 Blk VII Tauranga SD (NZ Gazette 1941, p.2620) (Hopukiore). Sec 12 Blk VII, Tauranga SD (NZ Gazette 1981, p.2190) (Moturiki) and Motuotau 1-2 (NZ Gazette 1979, p.1975), South Auckland Land District.

Location description

The wahi tapu area is located on the seaward side of Mount Maunganui on Marine Parade. Two roads meet Marine Parade, Grace Avenue and Pacific Avenue. Hopukiore is located between these two junctions. Moturiki, Motuotau and Te Toka o Marutuahu are all located on the foreshore directly adjacent Hopukiore.


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Historical and associated iwi/hapu/whanau

Ngai Tamawhariua Ngai Te Rangi

Ngai Tauwhao Ngai Te Rangi

Ngai Tukairangi Ngai Te Rangi

Ngai Tuwhiwhia Ngai Te Rangi

Ngati Kuku Ngai Te Rangi

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A fully referenced Registration Report is available from the Maori Heritage Team of the National Office in Wellington.

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