Lighthouse Road, Misty Peaks Reserve, Akaroa

List Entry Information

List Entry Status Listed List Entry Type Wahi Tapu Public Access Private/No Public Access
List Number 9507 Date Entered 29th April 2010


Extent of List Entry

Extent of registration includes part of the land described as Pt Rural Section 35338 (CT CB3D/878), part of Lot 1 DP 56126 (CB33K/148), and part of Lot 3 DP 56126 (CT CB33K/148), Canterbury Land District and the maunga known as Oteauheke (Brasenose)

City/District Council

Christchurch City


Canterbury Region

Legal description

Pt RS 35338 (CT CB3D/878), Lot 1 DP 56126 (CT CB33K/148) and Lot 3 DP 56126 (CT CB33K/148), Canterbury Land District.

Location description

The peak of Oteauheke is identified as Trig M and named Brasenose on New Zealand maps. The peak of Oteauheke is located at map grid reference: 2,508,230 easting and 5,707,890 northing.


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Historical and associated iwi/hapu/whanau

Ngai Tahu

Construction Dates

Other Information

Runanga - Onuku

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