128 Clarke Road, Te Puna

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List Entry Status Listed List Entry Type Wahi Tapu Public Access Private/No Public Access
List Number 9585 Date Entered 18th April 2012


Extent of List Entry

The extent of registration includes part of the land described as Pt Allotment 178 Te Puna Parish (CT SA21B/122), South Auckland Land District and the pa known as Pukewhanake including the Pohutukawa tree at the base of the hill. Note: the extent of registration does not include the tihi (summit) of the pa .

City/District Council

Western Bay of Plenty District


Bay of Plenty Region

Legal description

Pt Allotment 178 Te Puna Parish (CT SA 21B/122) South Auckland Land District.

Location description

The hilltop pa overlooks the Wairoa river mouth. It is at the furthermost extent of a line of ridges that run parallel to Te Puna Station Road.

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Historical and associated iwi/hapu/whanau

Ngati Kahu Ngati Ranginui

Ngati Pango Ngati Ranginui

Ngati Rangi Ngati Ranginui

Pirirakau Ngati Ranginui

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Other Information

This wahi tapu is not identified in an Iwi Management Plan however, it is included in a cultural site inventory Ngati Kahu, Ngati Rangi, Ngati Pango (1996) prepared by Mr Antoine Coffin.

The Ongarahu Environment Care Group (OEC) is a company formed by tangata whenua of Te Pirirakau who are committed to providing opportunities for tangata whenua to apply tikanga Maori and kaitiakitanga principles in order to enhance the natural environment. OEC have initiated a project titled Restoration and Enhancement of Pukewhanake and the Wairoa River (2011) to protect, maintain and enhance the cultural sites and natural environment through restoration.

OEC’s objectives are:

• Fencing of Pohutukawa tree including a health assessment and treatment as required

• Riparian planting and weed control

• Restoration of waterways in area

• Maintenance of native shag nesting colony

• Protection of cliff walls from erosion

• The erection of interpretation panels/history of area, native plant identification and placement of carvings

To ensure the long-term conservation of this wahi tapu, the NZHPT recommends

• That the Western Bay of Plenty District Council list Pukewhanake Pa, including the Pohutaka tree, in the Western Bay of Plenty District Plan Heritage Schedule

Please note that entry on the New Zealand Heritage List/Rarangi Korero identifies only the heritage values of the property concerned, and should not be construed as advice on the state of the property, or as a comment of its soundness or safety, including in regard to earthquake risk, safety in the event of fire, or insanitary conditions.