State Highway 25, Buffalo Beach, Whitianga

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List Entry Status Listed List Entry Type Wahi Tapu Area Public Access Private/No Public Access
List Number 9587 Date Entered 14th April 2011


Extent of List Entry

The extent of registration includes the land described as Lots 1-2 85877 (CTs SA68A/711-712), Lot 2 15745 (CT SA22C/973),Lot 1 DPS 24558 (NZGZ 22 July 1982, p.2437, Buffalo Beach Scenic Res), Lot 3 DPS 26491 (Rec Res), Lot 3 DPS 24558 (Rec. Access to the hill top Pa, Te Wahine Moeroa o Taputapuatea, is through the Whitianga Camping Ground on Bongard Street. The wahi tapu area extends west towards Taputapuatea stream, River Crescent and Cook Drive and south down Buffalo Beach Road.

City/District Council

Thames-Coromandel District


Waikato Region

Legal description

Lots 1-2 85877 (CTs SA68A/711-712), Lot 2 15745 (CT SA22C/973),Lot 1 DPS 24558 (NZ Gazette 22 July 1982, p.2437, Buffalo Beach Scenic Reserve), Lots 1-3 DPS 4704 (NZ Gazette 1959 p.803, Rec Reserve), Lot 3 DPS 26491 (Rec Reserve), Lot 3 DPS 24558 (Rec Reserve), Lot 6 DP 373913 (CT 317126, Rec Reserve), Lot 11 DP 6340 (Rec Reserve), Lot 10 DP 6340 (Esplanade Reserve), Lot 12 DPS 15745 (Esplanade Reserve), North Auckland Land District.

Location description

The wahi tapu area at the northern boundary encompases 5-6 Bongard Road and heads south east down Buffalo Beach Road along Taputapuatea stream out towards the river mouth. On the south west boundary the extent trails the stream along Buffalo Beach Road heading north towards Mariners Place and River Crescent

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Other Information

The pa site, Te Wahine Moeroa o Taputapuatea is owned by Mr Robert and Mrs Helen Scott and access to the property is via the Whitianga Camping Ground. The site record form indicates that the pa was destroyed by earthworks however there are remnants of a ditch located on the west side of the Scott’s garage

The existing camping ground is owned by Buffalo Beach Investment Limited is currently on the property market.

14. This proposed wahi tapu area contains three recorded archaeological sites in the New Zealand Archaeological Association Site Recording Scheme - T11/318 (Pa), T11/491 (Midden/Terraces). T11/914 (Midden)

Taputapuatea is not listed in the Thames Coromandel District Plan or the Environment Waikato Regional Plan.

Buffalo Beach Scenic Reserve (Lot 1 DP 24558 - NZGZ 1982, p.2437)

Recreation Reserves (Lot 3 DPS 26491, Lot 3 DP 24558, Lot 11 SP 6340, Lots 1-3 DPS 4704, and Lot 6 DP 373913 (CT 317126)

Esplanade Reserves (Lot 10 DP 6340, Lot 12 DPS 15745)

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