Official Information Act requests and responses

The Official Information Act 1982  (OIA) helps New Zealand citizens, permanent residents and anyone in New Zealand to access information held by governments and government agencies. This promotes openness and transparency, and enables public participation in government.  Here you will find a summary of recent requests for information sought from Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga under this legislation.  Occasionally, you may find our responses to other relevant public service sector investigations in this section.

If you wish to have a copy of the material released in any particular information release,  please contact Heritage New Zealand's Senior Legal Advisor, via email on

Please understand that if the size of the release is such that Heritage New Zealand is allowed to charge for the photocopying under the Ombudsman’s guidelines for doing so, then a charge for the release will be made.

OIA requests 2020

Requestor Details Date released
Jessica Maxwell               Correspondence from Hastings DC re gate and fence at Hikanui Pā. 21 January
Dai Mitchell
Authority requests for works on land in headwaters of the Brook Stream in Nelson area.
3 January &
10 February
K Eglington        
Information re Archaeological Authority 2020/582.
4 May
Tracy Hillier
Information re removal of kōiwi from Te Arakopita Drifts, Opotiki
9 June
H White
Documents about decision not to accord Poutama iwi/hapu status under Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act 2014.

17 June
James Ryan Numbers of prosecutions under Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act 2014.
24 June

OIA requests 2019

Requestor Details Date released
Michelle Gosse Information regarding damage recorded to Heritage New Zealand from fireworks. 30 January
Hayley Lawrence
File on archaeological authority 2003/07 for Tangoio.
1 February
Simon Mount QC        
Heritage New Zealand Prosecutions Policy.
12 February
Brad Flahive
Total amount spent on advertising for last five years.
27 February
Sue Mclaughlin
All information relating to 548 Marshland Road, Christchurch. 27 February
Esther Aigwi Incentive Fund information and derivations of figures in graphs in Annual Reports. 14 & 18 March
Donna-lee Biddle               
Number of Maori sites in NZ and Waikato, number of investigations of site damage,
number of prosecutions (two requests).

12 April &
 7 June
Bert Jansma
Bert McLay
Documentation on Kaupokonui Dairy Factory including Board paper and appendices          
(four requests). 

 14 & 30 May
 13 June
James Gardner-Hopkins  
Information on Te Tahuna o Rangataua as a listed site. 
 7 June
Andrea Hotere Waterfront Industry Commission Building archaeological assessment.
25 June
Marek Townley Archaeological authority issued for Okura bush. 25 June
Tony Woodridge All material re property Rapid No 6969 State Highway 1 Pakaraka.
 8 July
Jody O'Callaghan Diversity questionnaire.  17 July
Wendy Napier-Walker All information on condition 2 in archaeological authority for 20 Levers Rd, Tauranga.  5 August
Lee Kenny Stuff Media

All correspondence with regard to Citizens' War Memorial Christchurch during period
1/1/18 - 22/7/19 with CEAT, RSA, CCC, CCT and CPT.

23 August
Cushla Norman TVNZ Requested names of all people who had submitted listing nominations in Central
Region for the past few months for Wellington Civic Square and Wellington Library.

31 July
Dave Stevens All information relating to archaeological investigations made in Waipoua
Forest, Northland.

29 August
Margaret Griffiths

All documentation held on the Burnside Church, Wairarapa.

 3 September
Steven Rainbow Number of heritage buildings destroyed in Christchurch earthquakes and number that survived.

11 September
Jo Bailey Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga letter of significance of George Porter flats. 21 August
Vic Eastman

Review of heritage entry for Onekaka Wharf and tramway.

 2 September
Andrew Riddell All communications since 1 January 2010 between Heritage New Zealand Pouhere
Taonga and Far North District Council or Far North Holdings Limited, or the Russell
Wharf and Waterfront Trust, or Duke of Marlborough Hotel, or Bay of Islands Planning
Ltd on anything related to the Russell Wharf, including on any development proposals for
the wharf or requests for comment by HNZPT.

13 November
Renee Pureti Records back to 1990 of applications for land at Tumu Kaituna 14. 25 November
Vanessa Wilson Information and communications relating to site damage at 147 Rawhiti Road,
Bay of Islands.

28 November
Tim Selwyn / Herewini All material relating to koiwi at 23 Rimu Rimu Key, Opotiki. 17 December

OIA requests 2018

Requestor Details Date released
Mahina-arangi Baker        
Copy of authority application and all correspondence re 2018/378.
12 January
Mount View Trust / Alister Taylor
Information on 6111 Russell-Whakapara Road.
30 January
Rev. Doug Lendrum All information regarding the listing nomination for St David's. 14 March 
Teuila Fuatai, newsroom
All material on Fletchers archaeological applications for work at Oruarangi Rd, Mangere.
19 March
Maraea Tanerau-King        
All material on St Francis Church and Hohepa Wharenui, Mangamaunu Marae, SH1 Kaikoura.

28 March
MJ Wenley
Archaeological reports and authorities issued for Ahuriri, Napier in last five years.
23 April
Ian Lawlor All files re authority 2016/201 re archaeological sites on the OSHR boundary and the old Mendessohn property.  

27 April
Trevor Lord QS, engineering and geotech information from Environment Court appeal re McLeans Mansion.

30 April
Tim Hogan Appendices for evidence presented in Environment Court appeal for G Wilkinson and P Bain. 

24 May
Mary Anderson All information on archaeological authority issued for Shelly Bay, Wellington. 26 June
Sunday Star Times Sexual harassment information. 8 July
Wendy Napier Walker Number of authorities issued in 2017 , number that were for residential properties, and how
many involved an 'investigation'.

14 August
Trevor Berry List of all archaeological authorities applied for, those sites which were Maori sites and all
appeals and their current status for the following periods:
  • Prior to May 2014
  • Under Heritage New Zealand Act 2014

25 October
15 October
Dr Bryan Gilling / Morrison Kent   All information about archaeological finds at Tamati Place, Waikanae
13 Novembr

Other public sector investigations

The State Services Commission's investigation into Thompson and Clark and its relationships with public sector entities including Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga was released on 18 December 2018.  

Heritage New Zealand has completed a review dating back to 2008 regarding this matter, and you can read our response to the Thompson & Clark (and other companies) investigation (pdf).