Corporate support

While we are the leading heritage agency in New Zealand and a trusted advisor to central government, Heritage New Zealand is more than just an organisation.  Consider aligning your own culture with our philosophy of winning positive outcomes for heritage through intelligent and creative solutions.

Crowd scene

We are the voice of

  • Our 20,000 members
  • 100,000 readers of our quarterly magazine Heritage New Zealand, and around 8,000 subscribers to our monthly e-newsletter
  • 200,000 visitors per year to our properties (90% of them rate their experience with us highly).
  • Owners of more than 5,600 heritage properties on the Register
  • Ngā iwi, hapū, whānau o Aotearoa, the indigenous people of New Zealand
  • local heritage organisations throughout New Zealand – who we work with to increase awareness of heritage in their communities.

Our profile

We enjoy wide public awareness of our work and organisation, with at least 70% (and rising) of the public aware of who we are and what we do.  We produce around 200 media releases per year and the high pickup rate confirms significant media and public interest in heritage.

Aligning your image with that of Heritage New Zealand allows you to associate your corporate culture with our philosophy of winning positive outcomes for heritage through intelligent and creative solutions to the challenges we face.

Opportunities are available for companies both large and small to form mutually beneficial associations with Heritage New Zealand. The best results for heritage are achieved when we work in partnership with other organisations to identify outcomes that benefit both partners.

Your company can become involved by sponsoring specific projects, publications and programmes, or by becoming a corporate member.   But you may also have your own ideas.

Regardless, please get in touch with Heritage New Zealand's Funding Development Manager, Brendon Veale on (04) 472 4341 or e-mail to discuss ways in which we can work with you.

Laithwaite's Wine Service and Heritage NZ

Case study: Laithwaite's Wine People

Heritage New Zealand is working in association with Laithwaite's Wine People to implement a win/win partnership for both organisations, our supporters and for heritage in NZ. 

The result is a co-branded wine service that offers the following benefits:

  • Laithwaite's has a channel to market via inserts, adverts and direct mail which will result in new customers for them
  • Our supporters have access to a cause-related offer that provides them with a quality wine service which supports Heritage New Zealand’s mission while being introduced to a world of great wines from around the globe*
  • Heritage New Zealand benefits from income raised through each customer acquired, together with free promotion of our membership product to potential new customers.

The association and its promotion will be featured widely across our communication and publication channels – visit to find out more.

*You may wonder why very few New Zealand wines are showcased in these offers.  It's to bring you access to superb wines from around the world that you might not otherwise be able to find easily.  By comparison, it's easy to go to your local supermarket or bottle store and choose from a wide range of fine New Zealand wines at a price point to suit you.

If you have an idea for a win-win opportunity that will bring benefits to your business, our mission and to our wonderful supporters, then get in touch!