How you've helped

It is because of the generosity of our supporters that we have been able to complete projects such as the ones featured in these videos. They aim to show how your donations have been put to work and what has been achieved as a result.

Hayes Engineering is an amazing heritage treasure deep in remote Central Otago. Following a fundraising appeal, supporters of Heritage New Zealand - together with the Stout Trust - helped to fund some crucial restoration work. This video (shot on an iPhone, so please excuse the quality) aims to highlight how that support has made a difference for this wonderful Category 1 historic place.

Antrim House, Wellington

With your support, Antrim House underwent a programme of restoration of the decks and columns.  Amy Hobbs, Property Manager at Antrim House introduces some of the craftsmen involved in the restoration and shows off the results of your donations.

Fyffe House, Kaikōura

Fyffe House is an iconic and historic part of the Kaikōura peninsula. With your help, we’ve been able to replace the rusting roof and rebuild an important original retaining wall on the site. In this short video, Ann McCaw (Fyffe House Property Manager) walks you round the replacements and tries to bring to life the difference your donations have made.  No expensive production was used – just a simple iPhone – so please bear this in mind when viewing the video!