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This website was refreshed and released in March 2014.  The site was further updated to reflect the change of name to Heritage New Zealand approximately two months later.  

The site structure changed and many pages have different file names, so if you have pages bookmarked or added to your favourites, you'll need to update those links.   Use the Sitemap or the site search to help relocate those pages.  If you've linked to property details page within the former "Register Online" database, use the List search to update the link to the entry on the List.  Some pages may have been removed completely because they have become too dated.

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Sharing your location

Some pages within the site carry mapping which is based on google maps.  These pages are trying to geolocate you so you have a ready reference point for exploring historic places on the List (formerly known as the Register), and also in the case of our properties, assisting google maps to provide you with directions to them from your current position.  

If your browser has not been enabled previously so your location can be identified, a pop up box will prompt you to "share your location" with  You will have options to "share once" or "not now" and "always share" and "never share". 

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Macrons on Maori text

Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga is developing a policy for the display of macrons on Māori text, both on-screen and in print.  We have commenced work towards displaying macrons on Māori text on this website, taking each section of the website as resources become available.

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  • Tai Tapu Public Library

    Tai Tapu Public Library.  Image: Phil Braithwaite

  • Pencarrow Lighthouse

    Pencarrow Lighthouse, near Wellington.  Image: Heritage New Zealand

  • Tohu Maumahara, Rangiriri

    Tohu Maumahara (symbol of remembrance) at Rangiriri.  Image: Heritage New Zealand

  • War Memorial, Dannevirke

    War Memorial, Dannevirke.  Image: Heritage New Zealand

  • St David's Pioneer Memorial Church, Cave

    St David's Pioneer Memorial Church, Cave.  Image: Allison Bennet

  • New Regent Street, Christchurch

    New Regent Street, Christchurch.  Image: Heritage New Zealand

  • Balclutha Bridge

    Balclutha Bridge.  Image: Shelley Morris

  • Wellington Railway Station

    Wellington Railway Station.  Image: A Efimoff

  • Chinatown, Arrowtown

    Village hut at Chinatown, Arrowtown.  Image: Allison Bennet

  • Memorial to Bess, Bulls

    Memorial to Bess, Bulls.  Image: Heritage New Zealand

  • Cricket Ground Pavilion, Auckland

    Cricket Ground Pavilion, Grafton, Auckland.  Image: Phil Braithwaite