A & G Prices Foundry

208 Beach Road, THAMES


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The buildings on the Thames site are the oldest surviving buildings associated with the firm of A. & G. Price, the earlier buildings at Onehunga having been demolished in 1957. Thames remained the firm's headquarters until 1968 when a head office in Auckland was opened, although Thames remained the centre of the firm's engineering activities. The Thames works grew in a piecemeal fashion. Mainly concerned with the production of machinery and plant for the Thames goldfield, Price also produced equipment for the timber milling industry, and boilers and engines for coastal boats and mine pumps. They later developed into the manufacture of railway engines.

A & G Prices Foundry, Thames c.1909 Overlooking the area around the Price Bros foundry and wharf. Ref: APG-0553-1/2-G | Albert Percy Godber | Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand



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Historic Place Category 1


Private/No Public Access

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Date Entered

6th June 1990

Date of Effect

6th June 1990

City/District Council

Thames-Coromandel District


Waikato Region

Legal description

Lot 1 DP 36203 Lot 1 DP 37116 Pts Kauaeranga 14 17 19 20 & Pt Parareka Blk

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