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One of the physical reminders of the prestigious history of the Anchor Shipping and Foundry Company around Port Nelson is Rutherglen, a private dwelling built for the son of its founder, Alexander Brown. Rutherglen was built in 1904, in anticipation of Alexander Irvine Brown's wedding to Annie Elizabeth. It was named after the burgh (or borough) of the same name in Lanarkshire, Scotland, near the settlement where Alexander Brown had been born in 1830. Rutherglen reflects the rising wealth of the Brown family and the Anchor Shipping and Foundry Company in the early twentieth century and the grand residence is prominently sited near the corner of Whitby Road and Richardson Street, the latter being the original road from the southern port over the hill into Nelson city. The house is a large, two-storeyed late Victorian villa. Built from timber, it features an ornate façade to the street to the north and some decorative features on the east façade. Four of Brown's children were born in the house. Brown remained living at Rutherglen and managed the Anchor Shipping and Foundry Company until his death in 1962. Rutherglen was sold by the Brown family in 1969 and continues to be used as a private residence. Rutherglen is an outstanding example of a Victorian era villa. Its siting, scale, and the decorative features of its facade reflect the status of its original owner, Alexander Irvine Brown, a long-serving director of the Anchor Shipping and Foundry Company; a significant coastal shipping and industrial enterprise that has a long historical connection with Nelson's port and with the Brown family.

Rutherglen | Alison Dangerfield | 06/07/2006 | NZ Historic Places Trust



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Historic Place Category 2


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11th November 1982

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11th November 1982

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Nelson City


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Pt Sec 4 and Pt Thomas Fagan Grant (RT NL26/141), Nelson Land District

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