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Presbyterian services were first held in Canterbury in 1853, and the first Presbyterian church, St Andrews, was built in Tuam Street in 1855. In 1924 a section was purchased in Cashmere to build a Presbyterian church in the hills. Cecil Wood (1878-1947), a Christchurch architect, was commissioned to design this building in 1926. However, the following year the project was taken over by his then partner, R. S. D. Harman (1896-1953), as Wood was travelling overseas. Harman oversaw the construction of the church and designed the woodwork for both the interior and exterior. The communion table and pulpit were carved by Frederick Gurnsey (1868-1953), a well-known Christchurch carver who also created the ornamental carvings on the Bridge of Remembrance. The exterior walls of the church were made from Port Hills basalt randomly interspersed with a mixture of coloured rock. This use of local materials is common to both Wood's and Harman's work. Officially opened in August 1929, it is still used as a church today. Cashmere Hills Presbyterian Church is important as a fine example of an Arts and Crafts style church and as a centre of Presbyterian worship for almost 80 years.

Cashmere Hills Presbyterian Church | Melanie Lovell-Smith | 01/12/2001 | NZ Historic Places Trust
| Melanie Lovell-Smith | 01/12/2001 | NZ Historic Places Trust
| Melanie Lovell-Smith | 01/12/2001 | NZ Historic Places Trust



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Historic Place Category 2


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11th November 1981

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11th November 1981

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Christchurch City


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Lots 31-36 DP 2668

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