Langlois-Eteveneaux House (Former)

71 Rue Lavaud and 5 Rue Balguerie, AKAROA

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This historic place was registered under the Historic Places Act 1980. The following text is the original citation considered by the NZHPT Board at the time of registration. Langlois Étévenaux House, Akaroa Built between 1841 and 1845 Langlois Étévenaux House is one of the oldest surviving houses in Canterbury. Constructed in the Louis-Philippe style the house has a simple elegance with its high pitched roof, neat weather boarding, mock pilasters, cornices, unusual inward opening casement windows and air vents under the eaves. The two-roomed cottage is well proportioned and the elevations have an attractive symmetry. There is a suggestion that it may have been pre-fabricated in France. The original owner, Aimable Langlois, was the brother of a whaling captain and in charge of the Nanto-Bordelaise Company store. The house was later owned by Pierre Étévenaux after whom it is also named. It was taken over by the Akaroa County Council and with the help of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust it was opened in 1964 after it had been restored and furnished according to the period. Behind the house is an attractive museum which has on display Maori and European relics from the peninsula's history. The endearing, almost doll's house appearance of the Langlois Étévenaux House, its public regard and links with the French settlement of Akaroa make it of undoubted importance historically and architecturally.

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Langlois-Eteveneaux House (Former), Akaroa | Akaroa Civic Trust



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List Entry Status

Historic Place Category 1


Private/No Public Access

List Number


Date Entered

4th April 1985

Date of Effect

4th April 1985

City/District Council

Christchurch City


Canterbury Region

Extent of List Entry

The extent includes part of the land described as Pt Res 5118 (RT CB138/125, NZ Gazette 1980 p. 95), Canterbury Land District and the building known as Langlois-Eteveneaux House (Former) thereon. Refer to the extent map tabled at the Heritage New Zealand Board meeting on 25 June 2015.

Legal description

Pt Res 5118 (RT CB138/125, NZ Gazette 1980 p. 95), Canterbury Land District

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