Onuku Church (Anglican)

Onuku Road, The Kaik, AKAROA


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This historic place was registered under the Historic Places Act 1980. The following text is the original citation considered by the NZHPT Board at the time of registration. Onuku Church, Onuku Akaroa This small church on the Onuku Maori reserve near Akaroa is the only tangible reminder of the once thriving Maori community. Completed in 1878 the church was planned to accommodate sixty people and though primarily for the Maori local, Pakeha settlers were also welcome. A plain timber building with steeply pitched shingle roof its religious purpose is denoted by the tiny bell turret and surmounting crosses. It is picturesquely set in the bay on Akaroa Harbour and is enclosed by a delightfully unregimented picket fence. By the time of Akaroa's Centenary in 1940 the church had fallen into disrepair. With Government support Maori groups initiated a project to restore it and decorate the porch with traditional carved panels as a centennial memorial to the early Maori. The interior was refurnished and donations of a carved alter and baptismal font gave a distinctive character to the otherwise austere building. Despite infrequent use the church is carefully maintained and is in excellent order. It is important as a memorial to the Onuku Maori and as the only Maori Church remaining on Banks Peninsula

Onuku Church (Anglican). Image courtesy of www.flickr.com | Shellie Evans - flyingkiwigirl | 02/07/2014 | Shellie Evans - flyingkiwigirl
Onuku Church (Anglican) | Unknown | Heritage New Zealand
Onuku Church (Anglican). Image courtesy of www.flickr.com | Bernard Spragg – volvob12b | 28/05/2007 | Bernard Spragg – volvob12b



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Historic Place Category 1


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6th June 1985

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6th June 1985

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Christchurch City


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Sec 9B NR 886 Blk VIII Akaroa SD

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