Water Tower

101 Doon Street, INVERCARGILL

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This historic place was registered under the Historic Places Act 1980. The following text is the original citation considered by the NZHPT Board at the time of registration. Completed in 1889 the Invercargill Water Tower was designed by William Sharp, a former PWD engineer who settled in Invercargill after being retrenched. Built of brick the tower stands 31.5m high and is a most impressive element in the townscape. The square base has a hexagonal shaft which in turn supports the cylindrical water tank. The original structure had a striped cupola of ogee section giving an elegant cap to the tower. Removed in 1934 because of deterioration there are plans to have it replaced. A feature of the tower is the superb brickwork rich in detail and ornament. This striking element in the townscape forms a landmark in the flat terrain the more remarkable for being one of the outstanding industrial monuments of the country.

Water Tower. Image courtesy of www.flickr.com | Shellie Evans - flyingkiwigirl | 01/01/2014 | Shellie Evans - flyingkiwigirl
Water Tower | Chris Horwell | 11/10/2012 | Heritage New Zealand
Water Tower. Structure detail | Chris Horwell | 11/10/2012 | Heritage New Zealand
Water Tower. Structure detail. Image courtesy of www.flickr.com | itravelNZ® | 04/12/2011 | Natalia Volna - itravelNZ®



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Historic Place Category 1


Private/No Public Access

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Date Entered

11th November 1984

Date of Effect

11th November 1984

City/District Council

Invercargill City


Southland Region

Legal description

Pt Gardens Reserve opposite Blk LVIII Invercargill Town

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