Whaler's Cottage

Flower Pot - Glory Rd, Glory Bay, PITT ISLAND

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This historic place was registered under the Historic Places Act 1980. The following text is from the original Proposal for Classification report considered by the NZHPT Board at the time of registration. Built late 1860s Historical Significance: Built by William Gordon Jacobs for Frederick Hunt, who wanted it for on-shore accommodation for the crews of visiting whaling ships. However, it did not have a long history of use for this purpose.

Whaler's Cottage. Before and after DOC renovation March 2007 | Department of Conservation Te Papa Atawhai
Glory Bay, Pitt Island, Chatham Islands | Department of Conservation Te Papa Atawhai
Whaler's Cottage | Vivenne Morrell | 02/09/2012 | NZ Historic Places Trust



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Historic Place Category 2


Private/No Public Access

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Date Entered

8th August 1991

Date of Effect

8th August 1991

City/District Council

Chatham Islands Territory


Chatham Islands

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