Solomon Homestead

Owenga Road, Manukau Point, CHATHAM ISLAND

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DESCRIPTION: The building is the home of the last full-blooded Moriori Tommy Solomon, who died in 1933. Construction of the house was begun by Tommy's father, Rangitapua Horomona Pehe, in around 1903. The house was extended and completed by Tommy and his second wife, in around 1916, when they moved into the house after the death of Tommy's father in 1915. Tommy Solomon died in the house, and his tangi was held there. The homestead was the major focus and gathering-place for the Moriori people from 1903 to 1933. It was also the scene of major pilgrimages by visitors to the Chathams in this period, including many important visitors such as the ethnologist H D Skinner, and the scientist A W B Powell.

Tommy Solomon. Courtesy of Maui Solomon | Hokotehi Moriori Trust



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Historic Place Category 1


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11th November 1991

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11th November 1991

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Chatham Islands Territory


Chatham Islands

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Te Awapatiki 2A1 2A2A-C 2B2-4 Pt 2B1 Blks 3,4 Rangimene SD

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