Nairn House

Maipito Road, Waitangi, CHATHAM ISLAND

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DESCRIPTION: Nairn House is the most notable and historic building surviving in Waitangi. It was built for Walter Hood, a Pakeha arrival who became a prominent farmer and trader. The house was built by William Baucke, who was a builder and craftsman on the Chathams, and who, in writing about his experiences, contributed much to the understanding of the Moriori lifestyle and language. For many years Nairn House, as the grandest house on the island, was the accommodation for visiting VIPs - royalty, Governor-Generals, Prime Ministers, and others.

Nairn House, Chatham Island. February 2011 | Alison Dangerfield | Heritage New Zealand
Nairn House, Chatham Island | V Morrell | 02/09/2012 | Heritage New Zealand
Nairn House, Chatham Island. October 1991. Image courtesy of Pam Bain | Pam Bain | Heritage New Zealand



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Historic Place Category 1


Private/No Public Access

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Date Entered

11th November 1991

Date of Effect

11th November 1991

City/District Council

Chatham Islands Territory


Chatham Islands

Legal description

Pt Kekerione 49 Te Wapu No.1 IH Pt Sec1 Kekerione etc.

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