German Mission House

Waitangi West Road, Maunganui, CHATHAM ISLAND

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DESCRIPTION: The cottage was built between 1866-1868, for the Moravian Missionaries who arrived in the Chathams in 1843. These German missionaries made no converts, but had a significant input into the history and lifestyle of the Chathams, introducing large-scale horticulture, sheep farming, ship building and literacy. The cottage is built largely of local stone and wood, which reflects the missionaries' attitudes. They were committed to the idea of being self reliant in their own lives, and as an example to others, and hence using only local materials. Johannes Engst and Johann Baucke, two of the cottage's builders, were two of the missionaries who came to the Chathams. The third building was William Baucke, Johann's son, who was born on the Chathams. William spent much of his early life with the Moriori people, and in later life wrote about his experiences, and the Moriori lifestyle and language. Although his attitudes were questioned, he was a valuable and unique source of information on aspects of Moriori life.

German Mission House | Alison Dangerfield | 03/04/2008 | NZ Historic Places Trust



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Historic Place Category 1


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11th November 1991

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11th November 1991

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Chatham Islands Territory


Chatham Islands

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Area marked 'A', DP 325087 on Pt Sec 4, Pt Wharekauri No.1 (RT WN950/81), Wellington Land District

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