St Paul's Church (Anglican)

28 Symonds Street, AUCKLAND


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St Paul's, Symonds Street, is the third building occupied by the parish. It is known as the 'Mother Church' of Auckland as the first St Paul's was also the first church built in the city. The foundation stone was laid by Governor Hobson on 28 July 1841 and the first service was held on 7 May 1843. In 1884 a temporary wooden building was erected to the design of William Skinner, on the site of the first church. This site was still considered for the replacement, permanent church but in the end the more central location of the Symonds Street, Wynyard Street intersection was chosen. William Skinner's plans were accepted but it was decided to leave the church unfinished at a lower cost. The foundation stone, from the first St Paul's, was relaid for the new church on 11 June 1894 and the building was consecrated the following year. The fine carving of the capitals and label stops was completed by William Feldon in 1910-11. The foundation stone for the permanent chancel was laid on 11 April 1915 but the addition did not proceed until 1936. It was dedicated on 29 October that year. In 1945 the vestry briefly considered completing the church tower and spire as a war memorial. The church features some interesting internal decoration and fittings including Bishop Selwyn's throne, communion patten and chalice presented to him by Queen Victoria. Set into the walls in the south west corner are carved stones from Westminster Abbey, Canterbury Cathedral, Yorkminster and St Paul's Cathedral.

St Paul's Church (Anglican), Auckland. CC BY-SA 4.0 Image courtesy of | E James Bowman | 22/06/2022 | E James Bowman - Wikimedia Commons
St Paul's Church (Anglican), Auckland. Building detail. Image courtesy of | 32 Blocks | 29/10/2012 | 32 Blocks
St Paul's Church (Anglican). Exterior stained glass. Image courtesy of | 32 Blocks | 27/10/2012 | 32 Blocks
St Paul's Church (Anglican). Door details. Image courtesy of | 32 Blocks | 22/06/2012 | 32 Blocks



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Historic Place Category 1


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11th November 1989

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11th November 1989

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Auckland Council


Auckland Council

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Extent includes the land described as Pt Allot 8 Sec 15 Suburbs of Auckland (RT NA65/223), North Auckland Land District, and the building and structures known as St Paul's Church (Anglican) thereon.

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Pt Allot 8 Sec 15 Suburbs of Auckland (RT NA65/223), North Auckland Land District

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