Kekerengu Station Buildings (Former)

Kekerengu Road, Kekerengu, KAIKOURA


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The Kekerengu Station Buildings Complex (Former) consists of two cob structures that originally provided accommodation for the workers of the former Kekerengu Station. The buildings, a former men's quarters and a former station manager's residence, were built during the tenure of pastoralist and politician John Dresser Tetley. Tetley founded a sizeable station community at Kekerengu, but his aspirations exceeded his income, and when his affairs unravelled in 1868, he scandalously absconded to escape his debts. The two long narrow cob buildings were probably constructed by builder Jack Eves in c1865. The larger building, the men's quarters consists of a dormitory, a dining room and six small bedrooms, and was in regular use until the 1930s. The smaller manager's residence has three rooms. It has served a multiplicity of purposes, including cookhouse, henhouse and museum. Both buildings are unused today. Together the buildings have significance for their cob construction, and for the manner in which they highlight both the amount of labour required to work a nineteenth century pastoral station, and the spartan conditions in which these men lived.

Kekerengu Station Buildings (Former). East elevation, former Manager’s Residence | Pam Wilson | 01/06/1993 | Heritage New Zealand
Kekerengu Station Buildings (Former). West elevation, former Men's Quarters | P Wilson | 01/06/1993 | Heritage New Zealand



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Historic Place Category 2


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6th June 2007

Date of Effect

6th June 2007

City/District Council

Kaikōura District


Canterbury Region

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Extent includes part of the land described as Lot 1 DP 5521 (RT MB3B/1434), Marlborough Land District and the buildings known as former men's quarters and the former station manager's residence thereon.

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Lot 1 DP5521 (RT MB3B/1434), Marlborough Land District

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