Tauranga Bond Store

1 The Strand; Anson Street, TAURANGA

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The Tauranga Bond Store was built for James Alexander Mann in 1883 as a warehouse and bond store for storing imported goods. Mann foresaw Tauranga's potential as a major port facilitating freight traffic into and out of the district including the Rotorua area. The Bond Store was situated on the waterfront approximately 300 and 500 metres from the two wharves which were the main entry place for goods arriving at Tauranga until the railway and better roads were constructed. Mann & Co. developed as a retail store for general hardware, furniture, agricultural machinery, gardening tools and grocery items as well as liquor and tobacco. James Mann sold the business in 1908 (and the property three years later) to Guinness Bros., a local firm of general merchants who used it for storage and administration of their business, which included wholesale wines and spirits. As importers, producers and stockists of agricultural equipment, Guinness Bros. played an essential role in the development of the Bay of Plenty's agricultural industry. Guinness Bros. added a small shop on the Bond Store's southern side and a workshop and bulk store at the rear. The shop was later greatly enlarged and re-built of more substantial materials. It served as the main retail area of their business for many decades. In 1986 Hughes & Cossar, also wine and spirits dealers, took over the property; subsequently it was leased and occupied by Saunderson Packaging and from 1987-1997 by Tulloch Photography. In late 1997 the ground floor of the building was refurbished as a restaurant and bar. The retail shop was demolished in c.1997 and replaced with a conservatory-style annex on the southern side. At some time the upper floor was leased as office space and since the late 1990s has been used by Creative Tauranga as administration and gallery space. The Bond Store is the oldest remaining commercial building in Tauranga and a reminder of the period when Tauranga was heavily dependent on its port for freight. The building functioned as a storage place for imported goods that required the payment of import duties; these were collected on behalf of the customs department by the bond-holder. The Tauranga bond store is one of only a few bond stores remaining in New Zealand.

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Detailed List Entry



List Entry Status

Historic Place Category 1


Private/No Public Access

List Number


Date Entered

4th April 2008

Date of Effect

4th April 2008

City/District Council

Tauranga City


Bay of Plenty Region

Extent of List Entry

Registration includes the land described as Allots 4-5, Sec 1, Town of Tauranga (RT SA689/24), South Auckland Land District, and the building known as the Tauranga Store thereon, and its fittings and fixtures. It does not include the conservatory structure attached to the east wall or the other buildings and structures on site. (Refer to Extent of Registration Map in Appendix 1 for further information.)

Legal description

Allots 4 - 5, Sec 1, Town of Tauranga (RT SA689/24), South Auckland Land District

Location Description

The Tauranga Bond Store is located at the north end of The Strand, Tauranga, on the corner of The Strand and Monmouth Street. Monmouth Street exists here only as a steep footpath down from the main part of Monmouth Street. The rear of the property extends through to the north end of Anson Street.

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