Putoetoe Redoubt (Former)

1-5 Wi Neera Street, RAGLAN

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Built in 1863 on a strategic headland overlooking the safe anchorage of Whaingaroa (Raglan) harbour, the Putoetoe Redoubt (Former) is a rare example of a fortification built during the New Zealand Wars to protect European settlers by Maori who opposed the King Movement. The redoubt has archaeological significance for its potential to provide information about the occupation of the site as well as the Waikato Chapter of the New Zealand Wars. There are visible traces of surviving ground surface earthworks across the northern portion of the site. Sub surface remains are likely. The site is of importance to Ngati Maahanga, primarily for its association with Wiremu Te Awaitaia, a pre-eminent Chief of Ngati Maahanga and an important national figure throughout the mid-1800s. The site is also representative of the strategic importance of defensive positions with sea access to supply lines of the British forces. The Whaingaroa coastal area was long occupied by Maori who extensively utilised the harbour. In the 1820s Ngati Maahanga claimed Whaingaroa through raupatu after Te Awaitaia defeated Ngati Koata in a series of battles. The 1850s land sale of Whaingaroa by Te Awaitaia encouraged European settlement in the area. Part of the land was set aside as a reserve and was later promised to Te Awaitaia when he agreed to defend Whaingaroa during the New Zealand Wars. In the Waikato, the Wars included in a series of armed conflicts in the Waikato in the 1860s between the Crown and Kingitanga (King Movement) supporters. Kingitanga attempted to unify Maori under a Maori King to give equal status with European and reduce land sales. The colonial government saw the Kingitanga as a direct threat to the Crown and European settlement. Te Awaitaia was opposed to Kingitanga. In 1863, to protect the settlers of Raglan during the conflicts, the town’s new courthouse was converted to a blockhouse and the Putoetoe Redoubt was formed around the blockhouse under the direction of Hetaraka Nero, Te Awaitaia’s nephew and successor. The redoubt differed from its contemporary militia-built Waikato redoubts, being constructed by Ngati Maahanga at the instigation of local settlers. Repeated requests for protection to Government by anxious residents eventually saw a detachment of Armed Constabulary arrive in 1870 who rebuilt a smaller redoubt entrenchment around the courthouse/blockhouse. However, there was no active combat at the site and in 1893 a house was erected on the redoubt site by Arthur Langley, a local businessman prominent in community affairs. The next century saw the house used as rental accommodation; both LD Nathan and Farmers leasing it for staff. The courthouse/blockhouse was demolished and a new courthouse and separate police station erected in 1908. These buildings remained until the 1960s, when the current police station buildings on the site were constructed.

Putoetoe Redoubt (Former). Extract from Survey Plan SO 1437



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Historic Place Category 2


Private/No Public Access

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Date Entered

6th June 2013

Date of Effect

6th June 2013

City/District Council

Waikato District


Waikato Region

Extent of List Entry

Extent includes the land described as Lot 14 DP 8090 (RT SA7D/713), Pt Allot 1 and Pt Allot 3 Town of Raglan Sec 11, (Police Station, NZ Gazette 1969, p. 1615), Pt Allot 3 Town of Raglan Sec 11 (RT SA7A/1211), and part Legal Road, South Auckland Land District, and the site known as the Putoetoe Redoubt (Former) including the building known as 1 Wi Neera Street House thereon. This extent includes the land underlying the Raglan Police Station but does not include this structure or its associated outbuildings. The extent is based on the shoreline and original redoubt boundary which extends east into Wi Neera Street, with the western and southern boundaries being defined by the cliff edge to allow curtilage of redoubt site. (Refer to map in Appendix 1 of the registration report for further information).

Legal description

Lot 14 DP 8090 (RT SA7D/713), Pt Allot 1 and Pt Allot 3 Town of Raglan Sec 11, (Police Station, NZ Gazette 1969, p. 1615), Pt Allot 3 Town of Raglan Sec 11 (RT SA7A/1211), Legal Road, South Auckland Land District

Location Description

Easting: 1764413 Northing: 5814673

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