Schedule of administration fees (membership)

Fees may apply to some administrative matters associated with membership such as replacement cards. 


Membership fees are not normally refundable, but we understand that circumstances can change quickly after your immediate purchase.

Membership application not yet processed  Full refund
Partial processing commenced
Refund minus $10 
Membership processed and printed
Refund minus $15
Membership pack already posted to applicant but within 14 days of application     
Refund minus $20
After 14 days from date of application submission No refund.

Card fees

Additional card requested (delivery within NZ)    
$5 plus postage 
Replacement card (lost/stolen/damaged)
$5 plus postage
Postage of card overseas

Error correction

These are fees charged for inaccurate information provided by you that impacts on our ability to deliver your membership effectively and economically.  Any errors made by Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga will be rectified as swiftly as possible at no charge. 

Changes required to personal information  Generally no charge 
Changes to information on membership card    
$10 plus postage.

Magazine and other related fees

Magazine index (pdf, emailed):         $10.00

Magazine binders (holds 13 copies)

  • 1 binder   $14.50
  • 2 binders  $24.00
  • Plus postage (up to 4 binders via NZ Post)   $10.00.

All fees are valid as at 1 July 2021.