How your membership is changing… for the good


There has been a flurry of activity in the membership team over the last few months as we’ve been busy trying to improve your experience with us as a member. 

We acknowledge that for many of you, our renewal process and online experience has been frustrating. We’ve had this in our minds as we’ve been modernising our database, systems and, well, pretty much every part of our membership programme!

The result of all this hard yakka is that you’ll start to notice several changes in the service you receive from us as a member, which we explain here.

As always, if you have questions, or are not sure about some of these upcoming changes, then we really encourage you to give us a call. We often find that a 2-minute conversation can clear up an issue very quickly.

So, let’s get into those changes shall we…?


We’re currently updating the layout of the membership area of our website so that it is easier to navigate and find the information you want.

You’ll notice soon that right from the homepage, Membership will have a more prominent location and will replace the Get Involved tab.

You’ll also notice that we’ve created different sections for new members, renewals, gift memberships and even FAQs and T&Cs. We really hope this helps you find what you need quickly and easily.  These changes are expected from June 2021 onwards.

Membership cards

For quite some time, you’ve told us that the membership cards we provide aren’t strong enough.  They break easily and sometimes don’t even peel off the letter in the first place!  So we’ll be providing new stronger cards from July 2021 onwards.  We really hope you like the result.  Let us know what you think once you receive yours.

Giving joint-type members a more personalised experience with us

For those of you who have a joint-type membership with us (Senior Citizen, Family or Joint Life), you have only received one membership card, and only one email for news and information.  With the increasing importance of email and social media channels for timely news and information sharing, we are pleased to let you know that from July onwards, each adult in these joint memberships can get access to our monthly e-newsletters if each individual’s email address is provided to us, you’ll get Members Club (our member-only newsletter), Heritage This Month (our newsletter) and individual invitations to events, webinars and other types of member benefits.  We hope this helps all members have a more personalised service and benefits. 

Emailed renewals

Our online sign-up and renewal process was a particular frustration to many of you.  But no longer!

We’re building a whole new renewals system that will simplify the process as much as possible.

For those of you who have provided your email address to us, we’ll send you some simple instructions for renewal. There will be an express signup (so you don’t have to complete a whole new form each time) and an easy payment process through either credit card, debit card or bank transfer (called Account2Account). If you have a joint type membership, this is also your opportunity to add the second member so both of you can receive a membership card and separate emailed news, info and goodies.

Automated renewals

On our new online form, which we’ll be launching in July 2021, you’ll see the option “Automatically renew my membership”.  If you click this, your membership will renew each year on the membership anniversary.  Whether you pay by credit/debit card, or bank transfer, you will be sent a renewal notice 35 days before your renewal is due, letting you know how much your renewal will be.  On the anniversary, your membership will be automatically renewed and you’ll be issued your new membership card/s.  Magic!

Direct debits via post

With the demise of cheques, we are acutely aware of the difficulties faced by some of our members who don’t easily have access to mobile phones, internet, online banking and similar technologies.

As a result, we are now an authorised direct debit initiator. Direct debits offer a simple way via post for members to sign up to an automated way of paying membership.  We send you a simple form in the post, which you sign and return to us. When we set up your membership this way, you will not have to sign or return any further forms. Each year, you’ll get a renewal notice in the post, letting you know when your membership will renew and for how much, and you need do nothing further. Simply wait for your shiny new card to arrive!

This will provide those members who previously paid by cheque with an easy, technology-free way of paying their membership fees.

We’re here to help

If you’d like to talk through any of the above with us, or any other matter relating to your membership, please contact us during office hours on 0800 802 010 or email