Introducing Delphine Moise-Elise


Pompallier Mission in Russell welcomes Delphine Moise-Elise as its new Property Lead.

Delphine with Pompallier crew
Delphine (middle and centre) with Pompallier staffexpand/collapse

A French national, Delphine moved to Australia in her early 20s and has spent many years in the Northern Territory of Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

With a strong professional background in cultural heritage management, Delphine’s experience spans everything from strategy development in a bicultural context, to oral history, governance and mediation as well as communication, film-making, organising and curating exhibitions and international cultural exchanges.

In addition, Delphine has worked as a researcher for Aboriginal organisations conducting land claims, native title claims, oral history research and protection of sacred sites. She also has strong connections to New Zealand, not least of which are her tamariki who whakapapa to Ngāti Kahungunu ki Wairarapa, and has worked in this country assisting with Treaty claims, research and documentation, cultural mapping and recording oral history on video, as well as kaupapa Māori health initiatives.

Delphine describes the multi-layered, interwoven, heroic history of the Bay of Islands as “the stuff of legends”.

“The place embodies the proud history of tangata whenua resistance, resilience and also diplomacy. I always dreamt that if I came back to Aotearoa for good it would be here in Kororareka.  It is a true privilege to be here.”

For Delphine, Pompallier Mission is an extraordinary place made even more so by the kaitiaki -“this wonderful team who bring the place to life. The depth of our guides’ historical knowledge and their story-telling skills are simply remarkable; as is the warm hospitality of the café staff and the gardeners who toil with passion and love for the living world.”