Incentive Fund grants helping to meet conservation needs

The Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Board and Māori Heritage Council have agreed on investment priorities to incentivise in this year's National Heritage Preservation Incentive Fund.
The domed Dominion Building in early evening light. Traffic and pedestrians pass by in the foreground.
The Dominion Building in Wellington is a recipient of a NHPIF grant. Photo: Howard Tong.expand/collapse

The Fund is now open for applications. The 2022 grant round will close with regional offices of Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga on 24 June with decisions to be made by the Board in mid-August.

The priorities for funding grants are: conservation and preservation of sites of significance to Māori; and/or conservation work to increase resilience of heritage places against the impact of climate change, including stablisation of land and archaeological sites; and/or seismic strengthening and risk management planning; and all other eligible work.

Funding is not for normal maintenance work of heritage properties. It has to be a significant added heritage cost for conservation and preservation purposes.

Last year, Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga agreed to give incentive fund grants to private owners of Category 1 and 2 heritage-listed properties, with a total grants value of around $600,000.

The National Heritage Preservation Incentive Fund has been operating since 2004, with a significant number of private heritage property owners receiving funding support for conservation projects from Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga. Until 2018, only owners of Category 1 heritage-listed properties were eligible for funding assistance. The fund was then extended to cover Category 2 heritage-listed properties.

The fund normally pays no more than 50 percent of the cost of conservation work in any particular case, and individual grants will not be greater than $100,000.

Property owners can go to the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga website for more details regarding this year’s grant applications, or contact regional office staff for assistance in obtaining and helping with application forms and criteria for grants.

Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga regional offices are located in Kerikeri, Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

- David Watt