New Matariki podcast

Our latest podcast episode is a collection of five interviews which will lift the covers on certain food traditions associated with Matariki. We will share some insights from our Māori staff about their experiences of Matariki celebrations.


We know people are curious about how to celebrate Matariki and about the ancient mātauranga and evolved traditions which are acknowledged through our new national public holiday. We have some staff members with interesting stories about Matariki and we wanted to find a way to share their experiences and memories.

While some have only recently learned about Matariki, others have participated in celebrating the rising of this important star cluster throughout their lifetimes. They are all delighted to have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences.

Tharron Bloomfield, pouarahi of our mid-northern office, shares his experience of growing, harvesting and eating taputini (a type of kumara). Nigel Harris, pouarahi of our southern office touches on his kai gathering, and cooking preparations for a magnificent Matariki feast. Nigel’s story will feature in the winter edition of Heritage New Zealand magazine.

The podcast will be available from 24 June on the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Podcast.

Kellee-Rei Harris and Millee Harris, who are related by marriage and both work at Kerikeri Mission Station in Northland, share their contrasting memories of Matariki, both as children, and now as adults.

Matene Simon, pou whaihanga of our Mātauranga Māori Built Heritage Programme reflects on his participation in the revival of the historic Matariki ceremony, Te Hautapu Umukohukohu Whetū, last year.

The podcast will be available from 24 June on the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga podcast channel on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.