New to the list

New sites are regularly added to the New Zealand Heritage List/Rārangi Kōrero. Since May, we’ve had these additions.

You can check out the listing reports on our website if you’d like to know more about these places.

  • St Mary’s Church (Anglican), MAMARANUI (List No. 9663, Category 2 historic place);
  • Reuben Watts House (Former), AUCKLAND (List No.9686, Category 1 historic place);
  • Hurston, WELLINGTON (List No. 9954, Category 2 historic place);
  • Bowman House, NELSON (List No.9984, Category 2 historic place);
  • Earnscleugh Tailings, EARNSCLEUGH (List No. 9267, Category 1 historic place), excluding the operating easement, subject to Contact’s written undertakings of 18 Feb 2021 (summarised in Board paper paragraph 9.6), and a requirement that the survey of the Operating Easement include a LIDAR survey.
  • Schoolteacher’s House (Former), KARIOITAHI (List No.9844, Category 2 historic place)
  • Thomas King Observatory, WELLINGTON (List No.9024, Category 2 historic place)
  • Mercer Morgue (Former), MERCER (List No. 1560, Category 2 historic place)
  • Smedley Farmhouse (Former), OAKLEIGH (List No. 1235, Category 2 historic place)
  • Sir Joseph Ward Statue, BLUFF (List No.9263, Category 2 historic place)
  • Waiuta, WAIUTA (List No.9835, Category 1 historic place).