Shortland Flats is turning 100 – were you a resident?

While a letter from Her Majesty may not be forthcoming, the current owners and curators of Shortland Flats are working on a range of celebrations to mark the occasion of 100 years of providing accommodation services to people living in Auckland’s city centre.

Shortland Flats with another building towering beside it. Cars are parked out front.
Shortland Flats. Photo: Mik Smellie.expand/collapse

In particular they are looking to connect with former residents, gathering some of the anecdotal stories and experience of living in Shortland Flats over the years. What did you love about the building? What do you recall about living there? Did you have milk delivered to your flat door? Did you survive the party of July ’86?

One of the last remaining company structures where ownership is by way of shareholding and a licence to occupy a particular flat (as opposed to unit title), Shortland Flats Ltd was incorporated on 17 December 1922, constructed through 1923 with the first occupants taking up habitation the following year. With a Category 2 listing, this concrete building of 24 flats and a caretaker unit has retained an open rooftop, an old lift complete with scissor door, a beautiful lobby and the air of a place of permanence, where people come to settle for a time.

So if you have a connection and perhaps some reflections of this grand building sitting high on the hill of one of the oldest streets in Auckland, the current owners of Shortland Flats would absolutely love to hear from you. Either email or contact Mik Smellie on 021 44 8686.

- Antony Phillips