Auckland Heritage Festival at Highwic

05/10/2019 - 26/10/2019

Auckland Heritage Festival 2019 runs from Saturday 5 October to Monday 28 October. This year’s festival explores the way in which people journeyed to Auckland and what life was like when they first arrived. For the Auckland Heritage Festival, Highwic is running a series of special events which explore how the Buckland family made Auckland their home upon their arrival on 18 December 1850.

  • Summer house

    Highwic’s 4-Star Garden of Significance is a wonderland for all ages.  Photo: Heritage New Zealand

  • Children's landing

    Having good old-fashioned fun on the children's landing. Image: Heritage New Zealand

  • Highwic Billiards House with icicles

    The historic Billiard Room is an atmospheric venue for special events.  Image: Heritage New Zealand

  • Highwic

    Highwic’s Carpenter Gothic style and expansive gardens make it a must-see. Photo: Heritage New Zealand

  • Garden near Billiard House

    Highwic’s nationally significant gardens are spectacular all year round.  Photo: Heritage New Zealand

  • Art Deco Day Out at Highwic

    Swing back to a time when fashion was hot and jazz was cool at Highwic’s annual Art Deco Day Out. Image: Heritage New Zealand

  • Enjoying ice blocks

    Cooling off after a busy day.  Image: Heritage New Zealand

An Outdoor Journey at Highwic – guided garden tour with Wendy

Saturday 5 October, 2pm

Enjoy a guided tour through the English cottage-style gardens at Highwic. Journey through the whimsical garden, stroll along the lovers walk and wander through the fernery with one of our expert garden volunteers.

Adults: $15, children free. Includes entry to the house.

Spaces are limited so booking is recommended. To book please contact Highwic on 09 524 5729 or email us at

Journeys Framed – Guided tour and dance by SeniorsDANCE.

Sunday 6 October 12pm, 1pm, 2pm 

Enjoy a guided tour of Highwic with an expert heritage guide, followed by a special performance of Journeys Framed.

Journeys Framed is a new work for SeniorsDANCE Company choreographed by Susan Jordan. It is based on the life of the Buckland family of Highwic. Journeys Framed depicts in very abstract framed snapshots what life might have been like for the Bucklands and many other similar large families in Victorian Aotearoa. SeniorsDANCE Company is a community dance company for seniors 65+ and is part of the new Wave of Creative Aging.  SeniorsDANCE works on a project basis with Susan Jordan as Artistic Director, choreographer and producer. 

Adults: $15, children free.

Spaces are limited to 15 people per tour. To book please contact Highwic on 09 524 5729 or email us at

Picnic Pack-up - baking, two sessions

Thursday 10 October,  two sessions: 11am and 12pm.

Experience baking on our authentic Victorian coal range in the 1883 kitchen.

Make something that a Victorian family would have had in their picnic basket before the days of roadside eateries and fast food outlets.

Adults: $10, children $5. Includes entry to the house. 4 children per adult.

Spaces are limited. To book please contact Highwic on 09 524 5729 or email us at

Sail away – children’s activity, making boats

Thursday 10 October, 11am-3pm 

Visit Highwic and recreate the experience of people in the past that voyaged across oceans to reach New Zealand.

Have fun making a paper boat, crew and passengers and then roll up your sleeves to sail it in our Victorian bath tub!

All materials provided.

Adults: $10, children free - maximum of 4 children per paying adult.

A Journey through Highwic

Sundays 13, 20 and 26 October, 2pm

Enjoy a guided tour through Highwic and learn how Alfred Buckland and his wife Eliza came to New Zealand aboard the Sir Edward Paget arriving in Auckland on December 18, 1850. Discover the treasures they brought with them from their home in Devon, England and gain an insight into what life was like for Alfred and Eliza upon their arrival in colonial Auckland. Explore over 10 rooms of this rambling Gothic mansion with an expert Highwic heritage guide who will share with you the stories of the Buckland family's 116 years at Highwic. 

Adults: $15, children free.

Spaces are limited to 15 people per tour. To book please contact Highwic on 09 524 5729 or email us at