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Learn about domestic life, nation-building, invention and economic development.  Some humble, some grand and always intriguing, our properties tell amazing stories singly and collectively. All properties and offices are CLOSED so we look forward to seeing you back after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

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Shop.Heritage, our online store provides a range of products inspired by our special heritage places.

Tea towel

COVID-19 update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga has made health and safety adjustments at our offices and properties to minimise the risk of infection to our visitors, members and staff.  Read more


Care and management

If clothes maketh the man, then it's surely the items in and around heritage properties that make them fascinating, bringing history and stories vividly to life.  Our collection is one of the largest groupings of domestic and social history objects in New Zealand, running the gamut of domestic life and industry.

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Rattles, rocks and rarities

Explore some of the fascinating objects within Heritage New Zealand's collection of items associated with the properties it cares for.  There's over 70,000 items so we've presented just a few here.


Venue hire

A perfect place

Whatever you're celebrating, from family occasions to concerts and corporate functions; the grounds and rooms of several of our properties are available to hire.  Our perfect venues for your perfect occasion.

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Pompallier Mission

Located on the waterfront in romantic Russell, the unique setting of Pompallier Mission is a beautiful, serene place for your wedding day.

Pompallier Mission


Quintessential Victorian elegance located right in the heart of Newmarket, Highwic offers a central but private and very flexible venue for corporate events, personal occasions, and photography.  The spacious lawn allows for a marquee and there's plenty of on-site parking.

Driving history

Waikato War

Waikato War Driving tour

Take this Waikato War Driving Tour including apps, audio files, and map and explore the places of the 1863-64 War, reliving key moments.

Plan a trip

Use the Places map to plan your own journey through history, whether you're looking for a road trip of several days or just an afternoon adventure.

Art Deco meets Highwic

Path to Nationhood

Waikato War Driving tour

Experience the heart and soul of early Northland, where Māori and Pākehā first met and established a nation like no other through these tours for iPhone and iPad.