Explore the collection at Old St Paul's

Old St Paul's holds a small but interesting collection, largely related to its construction, ecclesiastical function or to notable figures from Wellington’s early history. 

Objects of note include:

  • Painted panels by the artist Charles Decimus Barraud
  • A significant collection of early embroidered liturgical textiles
  • Carved pulpit dedicated to Richard Seddon
  • American Second Division Marine Corps flags dating to World War II
Please note that due to conservation reasons not all objects may be on public display at any one time. If you are interested in viewing an item, please contact the Property Manager.  

Heritage New Zealand manages its collection of historic objects in its properties from a central database.  You can find out more about the how the Heritage New Zealand collection is managed, including donating items on this website.

To see further highlights from the collection online, search for Old St Pauls at New Zealand Museums

  • Painted panel

    Adorning both sides of the nave of Old St Pauls are ten illuminated panels, painted by Charles Decimus Barraud (1822-1897) on boards of rimu and kauri. The panels bear coloured text in the style of Italian script of the fourteenth century and quote passages from the Gospel of John and the Book of Psalms. Barraud was a churchwarden and vestryman at Old St Paul’s, during which time he made the illuminated panels. Image: Heritage New Zealand

  • Textile conservation

    Textile conservation is an essential part of caring for items in a collection.

  • Bible

    One of the large bibles held in Old St Paul’s dates back to 1844 and is a memorial to Margaret Stokes, the wife of an early runholder, the Hon. Robert Stokes MLC.  The bible was donated in 1855 to the first St Paul’s church which was located on Museum Street, where the Beehive stands today; one of three books given from the Margaret Stokes Memorial Fund.  After the restoration of Old St Paul’s in the late 1960s, the Stokes bible was sent away for repair and subsequently mislaid for some years.  Thanks to the determination of a prevous curator, Betty Plant, its whereabouts was tracked down and rescued from an uncertain fate, restored and returned. Image: Heritage New Zealand

  • Flags

    These are the flags of the USA and the second Division Marina corps colours, circa 1945.   During World War Two, tens of thousands of United States Marines of the First and Second Divisions flooded into New Zealand to train for and recuperate from battles in the Pacific.  Upon their departure from New Zealand, Major General Julian C Smith, commander of the second division, presented Old St Paul's with a flag of the United States of America and the Division Colours carried by the Second Division during the war.  Image: Heritage New Zealand

  • Pulpit

    The ornately carved oak pulpit which stands in the northern transept of Old St Paul’s was donated to the church in 1908 in memory of Richard John Seddon, Premier of New Zealand from 1893 until his death in 1906.  It was purchased by Seddon’s widow Louisa with funds raised at a memorial concert.  It has been claimed that the Dominion reported that it was necessary for the church doors to be dismantled and the floor frames removed in order to admit the great pulpit to the church. Image: Heritage New Zealand