Cherished by New Zealanders and visitors alike, internationally acclaimed Old St Paul’s has created memories and marked special occasions for countless thousands of people. Through good times and bad, Old St Paul’s has been there for us—now it’s time for us to be there for Old St Paul’s.


#FOREVEROSP is the name for a new project that will forge ahead with a ground-breaking $1.8 million earthquake strengthening and upgrade project that will ensure the church is future-proofed and continues to create new memories for another 50, 100 and even 200 years.

History has taught us that no building—not even the most recent of Wellington’s building stock is safe when an earthquake strikes. We don’t know when the next big shake might hit, but we do know that we need to ensure that Old St Paul’s can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at her.

Old St Paul’s was damaged most recently by the November 2016 Kaikoura earthquakes, which you can clearly see on any visit to the church. Whilst the church is safe to enter, she is showing the signs of need: there is strapping inside holding together the joints of the timber frames; there are cracks that weren’t there before; and some walls have even bowed and need straightening.

There are other jobs that we have to do at the same time on the church’s fire and electrical systems that are equally important to ensure that Old St Paul’s lasts the test of time and this is a once in a life-time opportunity to close the church and get this work done.

She will only last if we take steps to permanently strengthen and upgrade her now. If we don’t act, the next big earthquake could be the end of Old St Paul’s.

Old St Paul’s was carefully constructed in 1866, and now over 150 years later, the #FOREVEROSP project will use the latest engineering technologies and best international conservation practice to upgrade the church to ensure that it remains the beating heart  of New Zealand’s capital city. The beams will be braced. The cracks will be remedied. The walls will be strengthened and a myriad of other issues will be fixed and restored.

By the time the work is finished, Old St Paul’s will be one of the safest buildings in Wellington.

Old St Paul’s has been there for the moments of need of others, now your help is needed for Old St Paul’s. Please donate today to save Old St Paul’s for the future - #FOREVEROSP.

See and hear more about the challenges and the restoration project from Heritage Assets Manager, Paulette Wallace.

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  • Exterior of Old St Pauls

    Old St Paul’s is one of the world’s best examples of Gothic Revival architecture. Image: Grant Sheehan

  • Good Samaritan window

    The story of the Good Samaritan is just one retold in striking, stained glass.

  • Visitors at Old St Paul's

    A guided tour is a great way to learn about the church and its history. Image: Grant Sheehan

  • Looking at the exhibition

    The bible within the Reading This Building exhibition has its own unusual story to tell.  Image:  The Heritage Connection Te Unga Mai

  • Pulpit

    The carved wooden pulpit features several apostles. Image: Grant Sheehan

  • Angel window

    The Angel window is a favourite with many visitors.

  • Christening font

    The stone baptismal font stands proudly near the rear of the church. Image: Grant Sheehan

  • Students

    Even younger visitors will find this gorgeous church fascinating. Image: Heritage Connection Te Unga Mai