Learning and Discovery

Highwic was built in 1862 for Alfred Buckland and his large family. It offers an insight - from dairy to drawing room - into Victorian lifestyle and technology.

Highwic offers a comprehensive choice of programmes to suit curriculum needs for all ages and stages.

  • Toymaking

    Learning about toy-making during one of the holiday programmes.

  • Playing croquet

    Try your hand at croquet.

  • Around the piano

    Around the piano at one of our "parlour parties".

  • Highwic

    Learn about a Victorian family and lifestyle at Highwic.

  • Games toys and pastimes

    Try your hand a different old-time games and pastimes.

  • Discovering Highwic's garden

    Exploring a Victorian garden.

  • Meeting the first family

    Meeting the first family of Highwic.

  • Victorian kitchen - food preparation

    Get hands-on with food preparation in the kitchen.

  • Highwic son on horseback

    Riding and horses was part of Buckland family life.

Ironing at Highwic

Victorian Kitchen

Hands-on activities in the kitchen making butter and doing the washing in the laundry courtyard.

Any old irons: Downloadable pre and post visit activities (pdf, 307kb).

Before electricity: Downloadable pre and post visit activities (pdf, 483kb)

Food preparation: Downloadable pre and post visit activities (pdf, 332kb).

Games we played

Games We Played

Games and activities that Victorian children took part in, and the things they played with.

Toys and pastimes: downloadable pre and post visit activities (pdf, 178kb).

Colonial family tennis

A Colonial Family

The migration, settlement and colonisation experience of the Buckland family, a comparison between then and now.

A colonial family - a place of significance: downloadable pre and post visit activities (pdf, 198kb)


Meet the Family

A drama-based experience of life as a Buckland child.

To quote some of our visiting students - “what an amazing world, I don’t want to go back to the 21st century”

and teachers - “many thanks for your helpful in-role work. It is difficult for young people to imagine the constraints and differences of times gone by. The past is indeed a different country”

Meet the family - families are different: downloadable pre and post visit activities (pdf, 288kb).