Tohu Whenua

The stories of Aotearoa New Zealand weave together places and events, creating a rich tapestry.  Rising up from our past, they tell us about ourselves, and help visitors to our country understand who we are.  Discover, experience and enjoy the fascinating stories of Tohu Whenua in Northland, Otago and now the West Coast.

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  • Tohu Whenua in Northland

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    Home to some of the earliest interactions between Māori and Pākeha, Northland Tohu Whenua – like the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, Kororipo Heritage Park and Rangihoua Heritage Park – reflect the tensions and triumphs of two different cultures coming together, resulting in the birth of modern New Zealand.

  • Tohu Whenua in Otago

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    The vivid landscapes of Otago provide a picture-perfect setting for stories of discovery, courage, entrepreneurship, and prosperity contributing to New Zealand's economic development. 

  • Tohu Whenua in the West Coast

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    The West Coast is rich in heritage - from early Māori sites, to industrial sites including gold and coal mining, and other stunning places that tell the region's story.