Protecting Heritage

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  • Archaeology

    Cooks Cove

    Archaeology is all about the discovery, recovery and interpretation of the surviving evidence of past human activity in its context in or above the ground.  Archaeological sites are the relics and ruins of our past and may be on land, in water, or in the coastal marine area.

  • Māori heritage


    Māori heritage can be described as ngā taonga tuku iho nō ngā tūpuna = treasures handed down by our ancestors.  It comprises a wide range of different places and items from the physical and tangible to the natural environment and the intangible.

  • Funding for heritage protection

    Granary, Totara Estate

    There are various agencies including Heritage New Zealand which offer financial assistance for those who wish to protect and conserve heritage places.

  • National Heritage Preservation Incentive Fund

    The Mooring, Wellington

    The National Heritage Preservation Incentive Fund, administered by Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga, provides financial incentives to encourage the conservation of privately owned heritage places recognised on the New Zealand Heritage List/Rārangi Kōrero.

  • Local government

    Wellington City Council building

    Local authorities participate in heritage management in various ways. These include preparation of district plans and policy statements under the Resource Management Act, statutory processes, partnerships, strategic direction, and public interest roles. They also manage historic heritage in areas for which they are responsible (eg regional parks).

  • Heritage covenants

    Oruawharo Homestead, Takapau

    Heritage covenants are voluntary agreements under the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act 2014, which are agreed to by a property owner for the purpose of protecting and conserving a historic place, historic area, wahi tapu, or wahi tapu area.

  • Advocating for heritage

    Government crest

    Advocating for heritage at all levels is critical for Heritage New Zealand.  It regularly makes submissions on governmental policy development and legislative framework.  Research relevant to heritage and heritage management is part of our advisory role.

  • Earthquakes and other natural disasters

    Catholic Basilica, Christchurch

    Earthquakes have rocked different parts of New Zealand, causing damage to buildings and owners may be looking for some advice and support about what steps to take.

  • Consulting on

    Consulting the public

    Heritage New Zealand often seeks comments from the public on a range of heritage and heritage management matters as required by the Heritage New Zealand Act 2014. These comments are taken into account by our decision-makers.