• Heritage New Zealand magazine

    Heritage New Zealand magazine, Kōanga Spring 2022

    Heritage New Zealand is an award-winning magazine published quarterly by Heritage New Zealand.   Recognised as New Zealand’s leading heritage magazine, it features a wide range of interesting articles on the preservation and conservation of historic buildings and sites, as well as the people who work with them.

  • Saving the Town Heritage Toolkit

    Saving the Town heritage toolkit

    Saving the Town highlights successful experiences and case studies from around Aotearoa New Zealand that illustrate proactive, contemporary approaches to heritage.

    It is an invaluable resource on how to facilitate and encourage heritage retention, preservation and reuse in areas, towns and cities of all sizes.

  • Heritage Quarterly

    Heritage Quarterly, Kōanga Spring 2022 issue

    Find out more about local heritage news and upcoming events in our quarterly newsletter, Heritage Quarterly.

  • Te Rā o Waitangi - Waitangi Day

    Waitangi Day booklet

    What does Waitangi Day mean to you?  This booklet includes articles on Te Tiriti o Waitangi, a map of where the Treaty (there were nine versions) travelled around the country for signing, reflections from Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga on how we honour Treaty principles and information about all the properties we are opening for free on 6 February.  Pick up a copy at a property near you and reflect on the significance of these places and their contribution to the story of early Māori and Pākehā interactions. 

  • Apps

    Heritage Trails - your gateway to some unforgettable heritage experiences through a series of free, interactive tours for smart phones and tablets.  Experience history right where it happened, and listen to extraordinary stories of amazing people and places.

  • Conservation plans

    Melanesian Mission Conservation Plan

    A conservation plan is a guiding document for the conservation, care and management of a historic place. Typically, a conservation plan describes a place and its history and identifies its significance and heritage values. It establishes conservation policies to safeguard those values and makes recommendations through which the policies can be put into action. 

    These current conservation plans for the properties that Heritage New Zealand cares for provide a valuable information source for people interested in these places and are also useful examples for those who are considering having a conservation plan prepared for their place.

  • Statement of Intent and Statement of Performance Expectations

    Statement of Intent 2020-2024

    Obtain a copy of the Statement of Intent 2020-24 (SOI) and Statement of Performance Expectations 2022-23 (SPE). Earlier editions of the SOI and SPE are also available to download. 

  • Tapuwae: A Vision for Places of Māori Heritage

    Tapuwae v2

    Tapuwae means 'sacred footprint'.  The Māori Heritage Council (the Council) uses this term to symbolise the Māori heritage 'footprints' in the landscape.  It is also used to communicate the idea that we can look back to where we have been as we move forward, taking more steps.  The Council has a national leadership role to promote and advocate for Māori heritage and facilitate greater recognition, understanding and appreciation of Māori heritage places. 

    Tapuwae articulates a vision for Māori heritage.  This is a practical, pragmatic vision grounded in kaitiakitanga and informed by the nation’s legal and political environment. 

  • Annual Report

    Annual Report Pūrongo ā-Tau 2022

    Obtain a copy of our Annual Report.  Earlier editions are also available to download.  The Chief Executive's expenditure disclosure statement and the six-monthly non-sensitive entity performance report may be found here too.

  • Heritage Redesigned: Adapting Historic Places for Contemporary New Zealand

    Heritage redesigned - adaptive reuse examples

    There are many reasons for finding uses for historic places, rather than merely destroying them to build anew.  Read some successful, practical examples of the reuse of historic places within New Zealand.

  • Sustainable Management of Historic Heritage Guidance series

    Heritage Management guides

    The Sustainable Management of Historic Heritage guidance series aims to assist local authorities, owners of heritage places, iwi and hapu, and other stakeholders in the protection and conservation of historic heritage under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) and other related resource management and planning legislation.

  • Research and occasional papers

    Researching students

    Heritage New Zealand holds a vast amount of information about the historic and cultural significance of heritage places including heritage buildings, structures, places of significance to Māori, historic sites and areas, and archaeological sites.  It is important that this information is easily accessible, especially to those working with heritage resources, to assist decision-making in heritage conservation and management.

  • Statements of General Policy

    HNZPT Archaeology Policy

    To provide leadership and direction in key areas of work, HNZPT has produced statements of general policy for five key activities, as required by section 17 of the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act 2014.

  • Heritage Explorer

    Heritage Explorer

    This resource supports teachers of year 1 to 10 students (curriculum levels 1-5). Linking with the New Zealand Curriculum - from a social studies perspective - it explores ways to develop understanding about heritage, why it's important, how 'our places' contribute to our concept of heritage and identity, and why heritage is worth preserving.

  • Useful Links

    Useful Links

    You may find some of these links helpful for finding out more about New Zealand's heritage.  Please note that where such links are provided throughout this site, Heritage New Zealand does not necessarily endorse or authorise the content of any such sites, nor can we ensure connection.  Please let us know if any of these links do not work.