Archaeological occasional papers

This series of occasional papers in archaeology complements the information available through the archaeological digital library, the archaeological guidelines series, the List on-line and other resources such as the New Zealand Archaeological Association’s Site Recording Scheme, ArchSite.

Planning a Future of New Zealand War Sites and Landscapes

New Zealand War Sites and Landscapespdf

War was at the heart of a process of expansion and dispossession that has defined this country. Today, there is still little escaping references to the New Zealand Wars and its results whether through the growing interest in understanding our past, the ongoing relationship renegotiations between Maori and non-Maori, tourism, or heritage management.

This paper (pdf, 2.4 mb) reports on the current condition, loss, and threats to historic sites and landscapes of the New Zealand Wars. This will enable Heritage New Zealand, along with other agencies responsible for heritage management (through the Resource Management Act 1991 and other mechanisms) to prioritise and plan for the protection of historic sites and landscapes relating to the wars. 

National Research Framework

National Research frameworkpdf

There is a growing concern amongst New Zealand archaeologists that work carried out for development projects is in danger of becoming a mechanical process largely limited to the recording of information (often in advance of site destruction), rather than the application of that information to development of our understanding of New Zealand's past.

One of the primary aims of the national research framework (pdf, 463 kb) is to address these concerns and provide a framework for archaeological work that can be utilised by archaeologists working in New Zealand, regardless of their circumstances. It is hoped that the framework will facilitate an integrated and collaborative approach to the study of New Zealand's past.