Consulting on

Heritage New Zealand often seeks comments from the public on a range of heritage and heritage management matters as required by the Heritage New Zealand Act 2014. These comments are taken into account by our decision-makers.

Information and relevant documents will appear on this website, and will normally appear in the Public Notices section of newspapers.

For information about current proposals and reviews for entry on the New Zealand Heritage List, please see the Notified Proposals & Reviews page within the List section of this website.

How do I make a submission?

Normally, all submissions must be made in writing either by e-mail or letter. Submissions often include comments on reasons for or against the proposal, as well as on the information provided in the accompanying reports, plans or other documents. 

Contact details for the person to whom a submission may be sent is found under the individual listings.  Heritage New Zealand does not have a standard form on which you might make your response.